SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. has a long-lasting and successful worldwide presence in the energy storage and power supply sectors. The main manufacturing plant is located in Neo Olvio Xanthi (Northern Greece).

TOP 3 in the global advanced technology battery sector 
TOP 5 in the European industrial battery sector

For over three decades in the market the company is one of the best energy products and systems manufacturers.

1985 Exclusive representation and distribution of TOSHIBA batteries in the Hellenic market.

1986 Initiation of the industrial batteries sector.

1991 Acquisition of the SUNLIGHT Manufacturing Plant by GERMANOS S.A.
Extension of TOSHIBA representation in Eastern Europe.

1995 Design and production of environmentally friendly (mercury-free) zinc chloride dry cell batteries.

1996 Production of batteries for SUT and SST4 torpedoes.

1997 ISO 9001 approval (Quality Management System).

1998 Design and production of MK 46 torpedo batteries.

1999 Battery assembly for air applications.

2000 New production line for submarine and industrial batteries (Lead Acid, vented type).

2001 ISO 14001 approval (Environment Management System).
New assembly line for telecommunication Power Supply Systems and UPS.

Exclusive representation of TOSHIBA consumer batteries in the whole European region (world's     top distributor).

2002 New assembly line for generating sets.

New production line for Lead Acid industrial batteries (VRLA).

Strategic cooperation with TKMS SHIPYARD-HDW GmbH for the development of submarine batteries and their joint distribution worldwide.

2003 Strategic cooperation with ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH for the development of torpedo batteries and their joint distribution worldwide.

2004 New production line for Silver-Zinc technology torpedo batteries.
OHSAS 18001 approval (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

2006 Establishment of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.

2007 Business collaboration with VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA for the take-over of the military portable battery business unit.

2008 New production line of lead dioxide, one of the main raw materials in battery production.

2009 Development of SUNLIGHT's Supply Chain and Logistics Center at our Manufacturing Plant.

2010 Exclusive representation and distribution of SUNTRICA SolarStrapsTM in Greece.

2011 Establishment of ALSE (Advanced Lithium Systems Europe), a joint venture with ATLAS ELEKTRONIC GmbH for the production of lithium-ion torpedo batteries.