Monbat Group of Companies is a leading European manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for various applications. MONBAT products have been present on the international markets for more than 50 years.

Brief history:

1959-1990: the plant produced mainly batteries for military vehicles, tanks and armored vehicles;

1998-1999: the plant became a private company with Prista-Oil Plc. being a majority shareholder;

2000: the company built its first installation for recycling of used lead-acid batteries;

2001: initial production of AGM batteries;

December 2006:  Monbat became a public company and was listed on the stock exchange;

2010: Monbat acquired 51% of Octa Light Plc. shares.

Monbat production facilities are located in the town of Montana, North-West Bulgaria. The company stakes on continuous development and introduction of innovative products to the market, which along with the team of highly qualified experts and the use of modern technologies and equipment, makes it highly competitive on both local and international markets.