Eltek Industrial AC/DC rectifiers and DC/DC converters


Power supply modules - compact battery charging rectifiers with an optimized switching principle and therefore with a very high power density.

The rectifier can be used in all DC applications with or without battery. Due to the modular concept and a high scalability the user is able to equip the power supply with additional modules according to his actual power profile.

AC/DC lygintuvas


DC/DC converters

The DC/DC converters from Eltek Valere Industrial is made to provide uninteruptable supply of various DC voltages from the same battery.

The compact units have very high power density and can be used in any DC application, with or without battery buffering.

Manufacturer: Eltek (Norway).

DC/DC srovės konverteriaiDC/DC srovės konverteriai

For more information please contact +370 616 93636 or visit manufacturer website  www.eltek.com.